New Products

PVC Pipes
PVC pipes are used for the Underground water feeding and distribution networks for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, potable water supply, drainage systems, domestic plumping, in addition to different other applications. PVC pipes are produced in grey color according
to DIN 8061/62 standards with diameter range from 32mm up to 160mm or more. The standard pipe length is 6 meters. All PVC
pipes supplied are solvent welding joint socket type or rubber joint socket type. Different pressure ratings are available depending on

Oval Dripline
With the success of its flat dripper tape driplines, Adritec Group introduced a new range of driplines using a specially made flat dripper inserted and welded to the inside walls of an oval shaped LDPE tube. The newly developed Oval dripline is produced in 16mm and 20mm OD, with thicknesses of 28mil (0.7mm), 24mil (0.6mm) and 20mil (0.5mm). It withstands working pressures up to 4 bars, and can be installed in longer irrigation driplines compared with the standard cylindrical pipes. It offers major savings in transport cost and the overall cost of an irrigation installation.