1.Micro Irrigation
Adritec offers a wide range of HDPE and PVC high pressure, Lay Flat pipes, Oval HDPE pipes, micro pipes, LDPE irrigation
pipes, which are used in the conveyance and supply of potable water systems, micro irrigation networks, and sprinkler systems. Its products are manufactured in accordance with both local and international standards in its many factories worldwide. The pipes designation is implemented in line with international standards for potable water, gas, brackish water and irrigation water.
1 PVC Pipes
PVC pipes are used for the Underground water feeding and distribution networks for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, potable water supply, drainage systems, domestic plumping, in addition to different other applications. PVC pipes are produced in grey color according
to DIN 8061/62 standards with diameter range from 32mm up to 160mm or more. The standard pipe length is 6 meters. All PVC
pipes supplied are solvent welding joint socket type or rubber joint socket type. Different pressure ratings are available depending on

2 HDPE Pipes
HDPE Pipes are used for water feeding and distribution networks in sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. It is produced from PE 80 or PE 100 HDPE pipe grade material. HDPE pipes are produced in black color for irrigation water, blue color for potable water, and purple color for treated water. All HDPE Pipes are UV stabilized produced according to DIN 8074 standards.
The range of diameters available starts from 16 mm up to 500 mm.

3 LDPE Adripipe
Adripipe plain irrigation high pressure pipes are used as lateral lines in drip irrigation systems, mainly in applications using the on-line emitters & bubblers. Manufactured from extrusion grade materials the pipes are produced in black color for irrigation water, blue for potable water and purple for treated water. Available in three different outer diameters of 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm in a wide range of wall thicknesses; 12 mm OD pipe with wall thickness of 0.70mm - 1.50mm, the 16 mm OD pipe with a wall thickness of 0.70mm - 1.50 mm and the 20 mm OD pipe with a wall thickness of 1.00mm -1.80mm and the 25mm OD pipe with a wall thickness of 1.2 - 1.8mm. Pressure rating at 20 Celsius Degree is 3.0 - 4.2 bar according to the wall thickness.  

4 Lay Flat Pipes
The Lay Flat hoses are light in weight, easy for transportation and storage, flexible easy to wind / unwind, and are unlimited in length. They are made of high-strength polyester cotton yarn, with PVC inside and outside lining. They are produced from environmentally friendly raw materials and are UV resistant with a working temperature range from -10° to +60° C. Widely used in water transportation, portable sprinkler irrigation system, drip irrigation systems, agricultural farming and all construction work.