2.Irrigation Components
Irrigation Components
A complete range of Irrigation Components is offered by Adritec which complements its Micro Irrigation products and allows its customers a wide variety of fittings, connectors, filters and valves, either produced by Adritec or many of its associated suppliers. Its range of fittings cover the micro-fittings, barbed tape and threaded fittings which are used with its wide range of drip tubing, compression fittings used in HDPE irrigation networks, the lay flat pipe fittings used in setting up an irrigation network with lay flat pipes, electro fusion fittings used in water networks, PVC-U fittings used in PVC water and irrigation networks, and the clamp saddle connectors.

It further supplies a comprehensive range of filters whether screen, media, disc filters, or the hydrocyclone both in plastic and metal, in addition to complete self-cleaning manual or automatic filtration stations which come in different sizes for a wide range of applications. Its range of Valves includes many types of plastic, brass, electro hydraulic and air release valves.