5.Green Houses & Hydroponics
1 Temprature Control Systems
The heating and cooling process in any greenhouse are critical to reach optimum growing conditions. The cooling systems consist of two fans for each unit mounted on the front side of the unit. Carton cells are mounted on the opposite side of the fans connected with water streams and a water pump for cooling of the air going into the greenhouse. Light oil burners are mostly used as a heating system allowing continuous heating of the greenhouse. The single tunnel greenhouse requires one heating unit with a fan which distributes the hot air through a perforated plastic tube installed in its roof. For the Multi-span greenhouses, a complete different design is required depending on its area, crop, and prevailing weather conditions.

Cooling System

Heating System Each single tunnel greenhouse requires a cooling fan measuring 1.4 x 1.4 x 0.40 meters and a power requirement of 43,000 cubic meters suction per hour normally fixed at the front of a greenhouse. Carton cells with 2 meters height are mounted on the front of the opposite side of the greenhouse. Dimensions of each carton 2H x 0.6W and 0.1 meter depth. Water pipes are installed and connected to pump for water circulation to the carton cells. This system is replicated in the multi-span green houses depending on the total area of the greenhouse.