Adritec offers complete project management, design and engineering services, installation services, and the supply of turnkey irrigation projects.
Project Management
Adritec has carried out numerous projects from its preliminary concept stage to commissioning of turnkey projects. Adritec’s working methodology can be summed up in the following steps; it starts by identifying all prevailing conditions on the designated location such as, soil characteristics, water sources and water quality, in addition to weather conditions. This research enables it to come up with the most suitable crop plan for a financially sustainable agricultural project. Adritec’s work includes the management of the project from its beginning to its production stages offering many services that are needed to bring about a profitable investment.

Project Design and Engineering Services
Adritec’s services include carrying out a complete technical study. It starts by identifying site topography, soil testing, drainage capacities, and the prevailing weather conditions, covering a complete agriculture cycle. This allows it to design a master plan for an economically viable solution with the potential for future expansion. It designs complete irrigation systems including the pumping stations, fertilization systems, water reservoirs, and drainage systems. Adritec uses state of the art software design programs available on the market.

Adritec has installed a wide range of irrigation systems including pivot, drip, landscape, and sprinkler systems. Its team of project managers and technicians collaborate with its subsidiaries all over the world and continuously carry out project installation and commissioning.

Procurement & Supply
For many of its projects, Adritec supplies the complete system components including the irrigation system, pumping station, fertigation station, and all necessary electric and electronic components in addition to control systems. The material supplied conforms to the best international standards in terms of quality and performance.

Material Control & Inspection
Adritec resorts to top institutes acknowledged worldwide for inspection and approval of all the material supplied to its projects. It supplies quality conformity certificates to its clients for all materials procured and supplied for its projects.

Commissioning & Operation of Projects
After design, supply and installation of turnkey projects, Adritec has a special team that carries out the commissioning of its projects and offers complete training programs on the operation of the system.

System Maintenance
Maintenance work is the most important part of keeping any system operating at its full efficiency. Adritec clients always have the option to contact the company to help them in maintaining their system. This ensures high performance at all times for the longest service life possible.