3.Pivot & Sprinkler Systems
Pivot & Sprinkler Systems
Adritec is associated with major international companies that offer a wide range of Center Pivot and Linear Move machines. These systems are used for different applications namely for open field crops, maize and potatoes. These machines cover areas up to 50 hectares per machine. The design and specification of each machine is adapted to the requirements of the land, crop type, and soil charachteristics. Adritec offers all the necessary technical designs and support services for such systems having installed many similar projects.
Furthermore, since Adritec joined Premier Irrigation in India, a company that has pioneered sprinkler irrigation in the Indian
market over the last 45 years, it has added a comprehensive range of high quality sprinkler products and a wealth of knowledge in the business. The variety of connection systems offered by Premier Irrigation Adritec is not matched anywhere in the world.