7.Plastic Film & Lining
Plastic Film & Lining
Plastic Films and reservoir linings are a very important tool to enhance a higher yield in agriculture in addition to conservation of water for use in irrigation. Many types of plastic films and linings are available and vary from one application to the other.

Plastic ground cover is used with all types of vegetables. There are many advantages in using ground cover mainly the reduction in soil compaction, weed control, fertilizer leaching, drowning of crops, water evaporation, and elimination of root pruning, in addition to an early and cleaner crop. Using plastic cover also helps increasing growth and conserving soil temperature. Meanwhile, greenhouse covers are a thick polyethylene flexible film material that comes in sheets with different thicknesses in one or more layer with excellent tensile strength and durability and have UV protection. Adritec offers different types of covers with different thicknesses according to utilization and the different crop light requirements.

Water reservoir Lining is a revolutionary concept in water management and conservation. It’s a low cost system replacing concrete reservoirs used in irrigation of farms. Some of its advantages include reducing seepage loss, low set-up cost, and harvesting and storage of rain water. It improves water availability over a longer period of time.