AGI Management Committee
An Experienced Team Building Tomorrow
The Group management committee is made out of seven members and has a mandate by the Group board of directors to lead the growth of the group and help in setting up its future expansion program. It helps the subsidiary companies in all aspects of management, sales, marketing, or the technical back up services. This group of experienced managers has played a major role in putting in place what Adritec is all about today. Committee members have a vast depth of knowledge on all aspects of the irrigation business. Here is a brief on each member of the management committee.
Tarek H. Zu’bi
Adritec Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Tarek is the CEO of Adritec Group International and its Co-founder. He has been in the irrigation business for the last 30 years and is considered to be a pioneer in this business worldwide. His experience includes management, marketing, and a sizeable exposure to all technical matters relating to the industry of irrigation. He continues to be a major contributor to the marketing and product development side of the business within the group. Mr. Zu'bi holds a BSc degree in civil engineering from Duke University.

Assem S. Suleiman
Adritec Syria Managing Director
Mr. Assem is the CEO of the Sleiman Group of Companies operating in Syria and several countries around the globe, companies specialized in trading of seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals. He is a co-founder of Adritec Syria and its Managing Director. Assem’s contribution to the group has been through the successful business model Adritec Syria has built in Syria in addition to the depth of knowledge he has contributed to the fertilizer business which the group is developing. Assem holds a BSc degree in Agricultural Engineering from Tishreen University in Lattakia Syria.

Yannis G. Bozikis
Adritec Europe Managing Director
Yannis is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Adritec Europe. His 30 years of experience in the irrigation business working with the major international irrigation companies in the Greek and European market has given the group the technical and marketing depth it so enjoys in Europe. He continues to contribute to the expansion of the Group’s reach in all of Europe and is renowned for his technical know-how in the irrigation field. Yannis is a holder of a BSc degree in Agricultural Engineering and Water Resources from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Husni Abdel Majid
Adritec Group Chief Financial Controller
Husni joined the Group in 2006 and has since put in place a comprehensive financial control system to allow its BOD and its shareholder to follow up on the subsidiary and affiliate companies’ performance and budgets. His contribution to the control of the financial performance of the Group has been instrumental and very effective. His role on the committee will continue to introduce improved financial control and analysis systems.

Luay Qaisi
Adritec Jordan General Manager
Luay Joined Adritec Jordan in 2004 as a Chief Accountant and has since grown into the position of Adritec Jordan General Manager. Luay’s contribution to the group stems from his experience in adopting strict financial control and management systems in addition to being the key person behind introducing an ERP accounting and financial system at ADJ. His enthusiasm and dedication in carrying over his experience to the group level is instrumental. Luay is a holder of a BA degree in Administration and Accounting from the Applied Science University of Jordan.

Mohamad Darawwad
Adritec Turkey General Manager
Mohamad joined Adritec Jordan in 2004 as Supply Chain Manager, moved on to head the commercial dept. and as sales and marketing manager in the group. He was recently posted as General Manager of Adritec Turkey, a newly established subsidiary of AGI. Mohamad holds a BSc degree in Materials & Metallurgical Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara Turkey.

Jamal Ibrahim
Adritec Group Chief Irrigation Engineer
Jamal joined Adritec Jordan in 1992 as an irrigation engineer and has moved on to become Chief Irrigation Engineer – Group. Jamal’s experience in the irrigation field has extended over a time span of 25 years during which he designed and implemented all types of irrigation systems in many countries of the world. He enriches the management committee with his long-standing experience in the field of irrigation. Jamal holds a BSc degree in Irrigation and Soil Mechanics from the University of Baghdad.