1.Micro Irrigation
Adritec offers a wide range of on-line emitters and bubblers. The use of these products depends on the water requirement, crop type, water quality and the topography of the farm. On-line emitters are used for trees with high water requirement, wide variety of landscape applications, nurseries, vineyards, olives, and orchards. Emitter specifications vary from bubblers to pressure compensating and turbulent flow emitters, pressure compensating No-Drain and variable flow emitters. Discharge rates available are 2LPH, 4LPH, 8LPH, and 16 LPH while for the variable flow emitter is 0 to 60 LPH, and the bubbler range 0.5 GPM, 0.75 GPM, 1.0 GPM in addition to adjustable bubbler giving up to 150 GPM.
1 Naya ADJ
Naya is a variable flow emitter with a flow rate from zero to 60 LPH at 1 bar nominal pressure.
Its flow is adjusted by clicking the top cover which has 6 to 32 clicks. It gives a 360 degree flow pattern. Its inlet is 5mm. Naya is suitable for a wide variety of landscape and nursery applications, easy to install with a removable cap for inspection and cleaning.

2 Nein ETF
The Nein ETF drippers are on-line turbulent flow emitters with a removable top cap which allows easy inspection and cleaning. The turbulent flow emitters are produced in four models mainly 2.23 LPH, 4.21 LPH, 7.53 LPH, and 16.0 LPH at 1 bar. It is ideal for orchards, vienyards, and irrigation of fruit trees. The inlet OD is 5mm, suitable for installation with 4mm ID micro tubes.  

3 Nein EPC
The Nein PC drippers are an on-line pressure compensating flow emitter with a removable top cap and a silicone rubber diaphragm that regulates water discharge at different pressures. The pressure compensating flow emitters are produced in two models mainly 3.46 LPH and 7.58 LPH at 1 bar. It is ideal for orchards, vineyards and irrigation of fruit trees, particularly for hilly uneven terrain and long irrigation lines. The inlet OD is 5mm, suitable for installation with a 0.4mm ID micro tube.  

4 Eden PC No-drain
The Eden PC No-drain emitter is pressure compensating no drain emitter with a silicone rubber diaphragm and a built in wide turbulent flow labyrinth. The no drain self-flushing feature with an opening pressure of 0.5 bar and a shut off pressure of 0.15 bar prevents drainage from the system allowing quick system start up and shut off. It is produced in three models with flow rates of 2.07 LPH, 3.62 LPH, and 7.76 LPH at 1 bar pressure. The Eden drippers have a 5mm barbed nipple at its inlet and outlet making it easy for mounting on a 4mm micro tube in addition to a 2 or 4 distributor outlet connection with different types of stakes depending on the application required. Ideal for irrigating fruit trees, orchards, and hydroponic systems.  

5 Petra PCD
Petra PCD is a long flow path emitter with a single barbed outlet. It has a hook which allows easy attachment to the irrigation pipe. The removable male part allows easy inspection and cleaning. It is produced with a nominal discharge rate of 8 LPH @ 1 bar, and has a 6mm barbed inlet.  

6 Gaza Bubbler
Gaza Adjustable Flow Bubbler BUF
The Adjustable Flow Bubbler, model BUF, incorporates a stainless steel non-corrosive flow regulating screw. Water comes out in the shape of an umbrella. The nominal flow is 1.5 GPM (340 lph). Made out of high quality ABS material.