2.Irrigation Components
Adritec offers a comprehensive range of filtration products to meet all types of irrigation water filtration requirements. The full range of filters covers all filtration requirements for different water quality and irrigation system water quantity in addition to the type of irrigation product used. Plastic filters, metallic filters, using both screen and disk filtration elements, in addition to sand media and Hydrocyclone filters are manufactured to meet all water filtration needs for all types of irrigation systems.
1 Plastic Disk Filters
The Plastic disc filters are made of reinforced fiber glass nylon body with a wide range of filtering capacities. They are available in different mesh sizes ranging from 100 micron to 200 micron, and operate at a pressure of 6 to 10 bars depending on the filter size and body material. Disc filters are available in Y shape, in-line and double chamber filters. Two main categories are available, the wide bodied filters which give a higher filtration area and flow capacity, and the smaller economic body version with a lower filtration area and lower water capacity. All disc filters are made of reinforced PC NBR body, have a PRGF cartridge material and a PP frame material, EPDM seals, with a threaded drain 3/4" Female BSP and a 3/4" Male BSP drain plug. It includes a 2" or 3" BSP plug, a twin connection for pressure guage 1/4" F BSP, stainless steel clamp.  

2 Self-cleaning Filters
All Adritec filters can be supplied with mechanisms to turn the filter into either a manual or an automatic self cleaning filter. The manual self-cleaning filter has a special cleaning handle which when manually turned cleans the filter screen while the filter continues its operation. The automatic cleaning system is supplied with a controller that sets the washing cycle at variable durations as required by the user, or operates once the pressure in the filter exceeds a pre-determined set pressure level. Complete automatic self-cleaning filtration stations are also available on demand and are designed to meet any system requirement.  

3 Plastic Screen Filters
Plastic screen filter bodies are made of polypropylene for the economic type, or reinforced fiber glass nylon body for the wide bodied filters, with a wide range of filtration capacities. They are supplied either with a single or a double screen net cartridge. Available either in Y filters or In-line filters. The wide bodied filters have a higher filtration area and water capacity, whereas the smaller economic body version has a lower filtration area and water capacity. The seals are EPDM, drain plug is 3/4" Male BSP 2" or 3" BSP plug included, a twin connection for pressure gauge 1/4" F BSP, a stainless steel or Plastic clamp depending on filter size.  

4 Plastic Hydrocyclone Filters & Victaulic Clamps
A newly developed filter especially made to handle the highly abrasive action of dirty water, where the plastic's inner body withstands the hammering effect of sand in irrigation water at a much higher level when compared to standard metallic hydrocyclone filters. The Plastic hydrocyclone filters are made of high quality polyamide materials. The maximum working pressure is 6 bar. It comes in three models with an outlet sizes of 2", 2 1/2" and 3".  

5 Plastic Sand Media Filters
A newly developed product range of plastic sand media filters made out of Polyamide raw material which comes in three outlet sizes of 2", 2 1/2" and 3". This product has many advantages over the standard metallic sand media filters particularly its long service life due to high resistance to rust, operational wear and tear caused by the highly pressurized water which can be abrasive to the inner walls of any filter. It does not require the repainting season after season. The maximum working pressure is 6 bar.  

6 Metalic Screen Filters
The heavy duty metallic screen filters are an epoxy painted body which comes with a single or double internal cartridge made of a PVC and stainless steel screen cartridge. The screen filters are available with an 80, 100 and 120 mesh screen element. Available in in-line or vertical models.  

7 Metalic Sand Media Filters
Metallic Sand Media Filters are mostly used to filter irrigation water fed from rivers, canals, and sources of treated water as they are mostly efficient in the removal bacterial sludge, algae, clay soils, and solid particles suspended in water. Filters are made of non-corrosive stainless steel or epoxy painted steel and are available with an automatic or a manual back flushing system. Diffusers are mounted on the under drain of the filter for optimal filtration and act as a screen filter to prevent passage of inorganic materials. Sand Media filters are available either in a single chamber filter, vertical & horizontal, or double chamber horizontal filters. The gravel used in sand filters is silica sand, where the granular size is determined by the water quality to be filtered. Grain size ranges from 0.5mm to 6mm.  

8 Metalic Hydrocyclone Filters
Hydrocyclone filters deploy the centrifugal action to the water flow which creates a tangential exertion of the solid particles away from the outlet and into the sand pit at its bottom end. It is ideal for sand contaminated water, silt, and solid particles. The heavy duty non-corrosive steel is utilized in agricultural irrigation in addition to industrial and domestic applications. It is offered in different capacities and outlet sizes. The standard maximum working pressure is 6 Bar, but models withstanding higher working pressure can be supplied upon request.