2.Irrigation Components
1 Plastic Valves
Plastic ball Valves are supplied in two different types, polypropylene (PP) and u-PVC. The wide range of valves include the quick coupling valves, non-return valves, and the butterfly valves in different dimensions and pressure ratings. PP valves are made of PP-UV resistant, POM, NBR, Teflon. PVC valves have an anti-bloc system that avoids ball blockage, they are waterproof with minimal losses, resistant to inorganic chemicals, and come in double or single solvent gluing or threaded.  

2 Plastic Mini Valves
Mini valves are small valves used in different applications in irrigation systems mainly to control water flow into the different types of driplines. It is also used in landscape projects. Several models are available which are used with high thickness driplines and in tapes, with Inlet / Outlet diameters ranging from 16mm to 25mm. The mini valves are made of high quality polypropylene raw material and a UV stabilizer. Recommeded for use in irrigation systems with a working pressure not exceeding 4 bars.  

3 Brass Valves
Brass valves are used in irrigation systems in addition to different civil engineering and industrial applications. Brass valves are available in both ball and gate valves. The body is produced from brass while the handle is either aluminum lever or steel hand-wheel. A wide range of sizes starting from 1/4" up to 6" with different working pressures are available. Ball valves working temperature is from -20؛ C up to 110؛ C while the gate valves working temperature is -10؛ C up to 90؛ C.  

4 Air Release Valves
Air release valves are used to release and extract the air trapped in piping networks, tanks and any system in which trapped air could cause operational in-efficiency. It allows air to enter into the system during drainage of any system to avoid pipe crushing, and eliminates air bubbles that may exist in the pipe during operation. The valve body is made of fiber glass reinforced polyamide while the main gasket is made of polyurethane material which is resistant to chemicals and micro-organisms. The air release valves come either in a single or double effect models with two diferent sizes 1" and 2".  

5 Electro Hydraulic Valves
Electrohydraulic valves are manufactured from cast iron and are the diaphragm type. Designed to control and regulate the fluid flow in irrigation systems. Available in different sizes starting from DN 25 up to DN 500 (1”- 20”) to meet all irrigation systems requirements. There are different models used for all applications, namely the hydraulicaly operated manual valve, pressure reducing control valve with a 3 way pilot, electrohydraulic operated solenoid valve, pressure reducing control valve with 3 way pilot, battery control operated valve, and quick relief valve to protect from water hammer in the system. All models come in both threaded or flanged connections.