7.Plastic Film & Lining
Plastic films and covers are widely used in agriculture due to the large benefits they give in terms of high yield and lower cost of production. Adritec supplies different types of plastic covers and water reservoir liners to meet its client’s production requirements. Reservoir lining, greenhouse and ground covers are provided in different specifications and are manufactured as per international standards.
1 Ground Cover
Agricultural plastic ground cover are commonly used as a protective cover placed over the soil used with all types of vegetable crops. It has several advantages namely to increase soil temperature, reduce soil compaction and errosion, provide nutrients, reduce fertilizer leaching, suppress weed growth and seed germination. It helps decrease the evaporation of irrigation water. It also reduces weed growth and helps in bringing about an early crop with a much enhanced growth & quality. Several types of plastic covers are available such as the black mulch, the transparent type, and the silver / black double sided type. The plastic Mulch cover can be used any time of the year for practically all crops, however the best time to use it is late in spring after the soil has warmed up. Early spring application will delay soil warming and possibly plant growth. Some of the advantages of using plastic mulches are outlined below.  

2 Greenhouses Cover
Greenhouse cover films are the material used to cover the greenhouse frame. The most widely used materials are polyethylene film. It is a thick flexible material that comes in sheets of various widths and thicknesses and raw material specifications which can be used in a single or a double layer. A quick and inexpensive option for growers, polyethylene high quality greenhouse film has UV stabilizers and antioxidants and offers excellent tensile strength durability. It is translucent, diffuses light by bouncing the available sunlight and reducing shadows, both of which help in plant growth. We offer a variety of greenhouse films types which serve from 1 to 5 years depending on the thickness of the sheet and the UV percentage in the material mix. Greenhouse covers increases the temperature by more than 2 - 3°C and maintains a warm environment and better heat distribution, without heat buildup or stress which reduces energy costs in the process. Greenhouse covers have been developed in recent years allowing for control of many factors that negatively affects high yield growth namely the thermic effect, light diffusion, drip and mist, cooling, disease control and photosynthesis effects. Therefore, greenhouse covers are presently tailor made to minimize the effect of these factors.