7.Plastic Film & Lining
Water reservoir Lining is a revolutionary concept in water management and conservation. It’s a low cost system replacing concrete reservoirs used in irrigation of farms. Some of its advantages include reducing seepage loss, low set-up cost, and harvesting and storage of rain water. It improves water availability over a longer period of time.
1 Reservoir Lining
The Geomembrane Lining Sheet is becoming a popular concept in water management. The benefits of covering ponds and reservoirs lining with plastics geomembrane sheets dramatically reduces losses in water or any other liquids resulting from seepage yet at a reasonable cost. Water harvesting and storage, and the ability to utilize the harvested rain-water, is made easy. Geomembranes are highly useful in porous soils where water retention is minimal. It eliminates water logging and prevents upward intrusion of salts into stored water. Adritec provides a wide range of reservoir lining sheets available in many sizes, shapes and wall thickness. It comes in a square, or a rectangle shape. It is supplied in rolls, the width of each roll ranges from 6 or 12 meters. Geomembranes are manufactured from either LDPE, HDPE, or PVC material, using highly flexible and stable synthetic vinyl for the PVC sheets. The material is strong, flexible, and durable, and easy to install. It is also supplied in 3 or 5 layers to increase the strength of plastic cohesion. Geomembranes are supplied in thickness ranging from 250 micron up to 1500 microns.