8.Engineering Products
Adritec offers through its subsidiaries a wide range of HDPE, PVC, corrugated and drainage pipes with different specifications to cater for the construction industry.
1 Potable Water Pipes
Potable water pipes are produced from HDPE and PVC materials. HDPE extrusion grade pipes are produced with pressure classes from PN 10 to PN 16 in black color with a blue strip. The pipes are supplied with compression type fittings for sizes ranging from 20 mm to 110mm and electro-fusion fittings for sizes ranging from 90 up to 250 mm. PVC pipes sizes range from 20 mm up to 250 mm with pressure classes PN 10, PN 16, and PN 25 in gray color. Joining system used is solvent cement type. Pipes come in blue color for underground use, and black color for pipes laid out in the open. Three types are produced using PE80, PE100, and PVC.  

2 Geotherm Greenhouse Heating Pipes
The Geotherm pipe is a new product used mainly for heating of greenhouses. It is produced with a high quality HDPE material. Ideal for use with vegetable crops, flowers, special plantation in greenhouses, in addition to chicken farms.

Geotherm piping system is ideal for use with naturally existing geothermic waters. It is non-corrosive, with no salt or lime deposited on its inside wall. It is very stable and its properties do not change as a result of the use of pesticides, fertilzers, and ground acid.

Installing a Geotherm pipe in a greenhouse has several advantages, namely an early crop, a saving of up to 50% on the heating energy needed when compared to traditional heating methods, and an increased production of up to 60%. The Geotherm pipe's corrugated profile is similar to the head convector type ‘’ Radiator ‘’ and has almost twice as much thermal efficiency as the standard PE pipe of the same diameter. It is used as a complete heating system in greenhouses having an additional saving on the initial installation because of a lesser length of pipe requirement and an easy way to install. They require an inlet water temperature of 50؛ C. It can be used with a water temperature up to 80؛ C. The area of coverage is 0.155 M2.

The GEOTHERM pipe is produced for a nominal working pressure of 2.5 atm . The spiral profile of the pipe allows bending it in small curves without any clogging problems, which is in contrast with the other heating systems (air blowers ,heaters , etc ). GEOTHERM is placed on top of the ground next to the plant and its roots . This ensures that the heat goes exactly where it is needed and is not wasted in the top part of the green house which is what happens in the other systems used.

3 Corrugated Drainage Pipes
The Adriflow is a perforated pipe with smooth inner layer for the collection and removal of surface water and leachate into collection areas. It is a corrugated double wall pipes and comes in different size range of 110/95mm, 160/138mm. The Inner pipe is in black color and the outer layer in yellow, produced in 6 MT lengths. Pipes are connected by means of a rubber ring joint.